As well as doing the outsourcing for our clients CVR also offers recovered metals with a high level of purity.

-Recollect materials offering a ..destruction certicate.
-Briquette materials.

Corporacion de Valores Reciclados
S.A. de C.V. (CVR)

Is committed on pursuing ecological recycling solutions to better serve our clients. With nearly a decade of experience on the recycling field we consider ourselves to be pioneers in the recycling industry in Mexico.

CVR offers a wide variety of services ranging from:

Recolection of subproducts and handling of toxic wastes.

Separation of plastics from contaminants.

Separation of mixes

Briquetting of chopped material.

In the last decade CVR has proven to be a reliable and most important legal solution for sub-product or waste problems increasing our clients profits.

CVR has proudly developed and carried out ecological harm-free solutions to the recycling needs of the existing markets. Years of experience along with a highly qualified team have placed CVR as one of the leading companies in the recovery of non-ferrous metals in Mexico.

Working always under a strict consideration of our environment CVR not only offers an economically viable solution but as well an ecological one.